To begin, begin

October 21, 2015


....'Tis often the biggest challenge - the beginning - What does it take to get to the starting line at all? 


Before we ever even begin, there is a spark, a trust, a leaning in...

there is Surrender.

Surrender to the call.

There is Nurture.

Nurture whatever it is we are called to birth.

There is Allowing.

Allowing the process itself to unfold - be it gracefully, chaotically, beautifully or deep dark and messy. 

(And it is bound to be all of these things). 


This is Robin writing. I call myself "writer," yet when it comes to SURRENDERing, NURTURing and ALLOWing my writing to (a) flow through me and (b) be shared.... I oft observe myself resist and sabotage. (Yup, I do. Just sayin'.)


And, with this awareness... I made a request of my friend, Amy, whom I perceive to be a total blogging diva. She posts (nearly) every day on Life Acoustic & Amplified, consistently inspiring me (and many others) with poetry (hers and others), images, artwork, music -- yumm - all creative modalities I gobble up with gratitude.


As one who simply receives what Amy gives, it seems effortless... as if it all just gels + manifests - POOF! 


It is important here at Creative Collaborative to: (a) Create (b) Collaborate and (c) Communicate!

(Ha! I am working on the thing known as "Delegate," as well.... ) ("A-hem") 


So... communicating via BLOG on WEBSITE is straightforward, right?

Fundamental + this century + just-what-we-do, yah? 



And yet off-the-charts in love with this process Creative Collaborative Writer Me AND Blog-Diva-Life-Acoustic Amy both get confronted by writing a blog post to honor, reveal, invite, market, encompass the experience of the Creative Collaborative Re-TREAT.... I find this inexplicable, to tell you the truth - what IS that?)


(To Be Continued.... but, alas.... now we have BEGUN!)









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