Anam Cara, Soul Friends

October 22, 2015


Dear Amy ~

 Would you be willing to write a blog post for the Creative Collaborative website? Something juicy and invitational about the reTREAT weekend? Totally trust you. Let me know if you are up for it? ~Robin


Dear Robin!

 Sure, no problem! Will send you something soon! So excited! ~Amy


Several weeks pass (insert visual of calendar pages turning + ticking clock)....


Hi Amy ~ 

How's that blog post coming? Love you ~Robin


Hi Robin!

I can't figure out the beginning. I will, though. Will send you something tonight. ~Amy


Next day, no Amy messages in Robin inbox. Hmmm.... 


Hiya Amy ~ 

We really need to get some dialogue out there in cyberworld. How about you just send me whatever you've got - I can tweak or whatever, ok? 


Yes, Robin! I can do that. ~Amy


Insert image of Amy wearing Creative Collaborative ReTREAT t-shirt, typing, scowling, deleting.

Repeat x 10.


Picture Amy sitting still, breathing, waiting for words to come, huffing, sighing, going to kitchen to refill glass, staring out window at night sky, clutching temples and grimacing with pounding headache.... laying head down on pillow in defeat.)


3:30 am, Amy wakes up to these words in her head, ‘To begin, begin’! 


And Amy writes.....

"Sounds so simple, right? Begin. To begin, begin. Just do it. Well, to borrow a phrase from my Kentucky roots, "it ain’t and never will be." Haha! I am a firm believer in beginnings. I am also a firm believer in the importance, and process, of timing. It’s tricky business and takes a lot of faith, but I have experienced the truth, beauty and goodness of this over and over and so I attempt to practice it.


Five years ago, in October, I met Robin and she invited me to attend the 1st Creative Collaborative ReTREAT weekend. I can honestly say it was a turning point in my life - a time when I discovered how to connect more honestly and deeply with myself and the 1st time I experienced the intense healing power of intentionally communing with other women. 


Over the years, there have been more sacred and beautiful weekend retreats, and all of the women who have accepted the invitation and experiened this weekend have become a safe haven of nurturing, healing, trust and love. We have become soul sisters, holding one another through major life changes, losses and wins, amazing miracles and mountains of grief and joy.

I have seen the power come down and surround us as we began the work of bringing a Creative Collaborative Retreat for women to share their journeys and their gifts, to explore creative self-expression, to play and delve into fun projects, immerse in dialogue, spiritual openness, dance, movement and song. The weekend reTREAT has much magic – magic created by the community of women who open themselves to this new circle of energy and life. 


I could spend time defining creativity, and argue that everyone is creative – even though many don’t realize it, but, truly, the most important part of this event is that each woman is allowed and encouraged to simply be themselves. There are no ‘have to’s’. There is no competition. There are no comparisons. There is acceptance and appreciation of the gifts of one another - and in doing so, there is recognition of our own gifts, too. I have seen women come to life. I have witnessed amazing friendships, deep and true. I have experienced the power of this exchange and I LOVE it!


At the end of the 1st reTREAT weekend, I shared this powerful quote by John O'Donohue in his book, Anam Cara, "Anam is the Gaelic word for soul; Cara is the word for friend. this friendship is an act of recognition and belonging." For me, the ReTREAT is a group Anam Cara experience. We became soul friends and left with creativity, hope and connection. I want to give that to everyone I know. Come to think of it, I want to give that to EVERYONE.





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