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December 10, 2015



So prior to the Creative Collaborative ReTREAT 2015, Robin Ok called to connect regarding the upcoming weekend activities and how she envisioned me contributing. 


I still remember her words, “I signed you up for some things...  you can say ‘no’  if you want…."


How exciting! My heart already was saying a great, big, fat ‘yes’ – before I even heard the list, which ended with leading a breakout session on wriitng poetry! 


Oh joy!!! YES!!! Ideas poured in…


The ReTREAT weekend arrived, Nov 13-15, and it was everything - and more! -  than expected! Beautiful, powerful, connecting, art-full, musical, spiritual, abundant, accepting, empowering – on-and-on I can, and will, go. I was overwhelmed with love and joy on many levels... but I have to say that my greatest bit of on-going-bursting-out-all-over joy comes from facilitating that poetry breakout session! 


New words were framed, created, brought out of heart-hiding into beings of light, filling inspiring vintage paper and filling the hearts of those of us who were reading and listening. Each of the women who attented shared her poem at the end of the hour – no one left with dry hearts or eyes. 


Poems (words)  are living things. They touch us, heal us, bring us joy and create space inside us as we bring forward what was inside and allow new thoughts to be born. Creativity always creates anew inside and outside of ourselves. We give to receive and in receiving we give back again. 


This magic has taken root in some great and powerful way. I am so amazed at the beauty, the power, the courage, the immensity of these poets – new and seasoned veterans – all old souls. 


I am so grateful to have been able to share this session, which helped connect these amazing, gifted women with their inner, living, beautiful poetry. I believe poetry lives inside each of us. The need for beauty is essential for us to live, discovering, excavating that beauty is our life-long, ever-changing, most-challenging and surprising gift. 


Several of us have continued to pour forth our words since that weekend - and we are eager to share the Creative Collaborative ongoing creative inspiration here on this blog. Watch for posts highlighting our soul sis-tahs coming soon. 


Our friend, Barbara Endel's giddy glee at unleasing her inner poet that sunny afternoon led to the birthing of a brand new blog where she is sharing the poems that find her. Be sure to check it out! 


Barbara's Poet In Training Blog: one woman's quest to find her poet's voice:  https://poetintrainingblog.wordpress.com/


And I invite you to follow my daily poetic postings on my blog: Life Acoustic & Amplified



Poem by poem, 

Amy Lloyd

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