Don't Give Up!

September 1, 2016



 My Retreat story starts like this-


Robin Ok…(via Facebook Messenger)  "Linda! You coming to our 30th High School reunion? I’d love to see you there!"

Me: "Yep! Can’t wait!"


At the 30th Class Reunion...

Robin: "Linda, you ought to think about coming to the retreat I coordinate! It is right up your alley! I think you would really love it!! 


Me: (Thinking): "ME? A Type A, totally anal, ultra tight-ass attending a Hippy Dippy Trippy Creative Retreat? Ugh - no.)


ME:  (Out loud):  Uh---ok. I think. I will think about it…


I did NOT go in 2014. (Wow! MY LOSS!!!!)


Fast- Forward to October 2015:


I had a weird, almost obsessive need to contact Robin about that retreat.

What was it called? Did she still want me to go? Is there space? Will I fit in? I am scared!!!  Why is the universe telling me to go?


Ok…I will take the leap and contact Robin. I reached for my cell phone…and…WAIT…There was a message from Robin to ME, just a few minutes ago??!!


SHE had already reached out to ME???  Whoa. Uh-huh. True story!


It was a Sunday morning, and within one hour, I had registered and was starting to look forward to that weekend in November…even though I really had no idea what to expect!


The 2015 Creative Collaborative Retreat changed my life. The time I spent in that community and space truly changed my perspective and today, I am living… totally living on the grid of the universe….totally living full out in life.



Because this retreat reminded me of who I AM. It reconnected me to that little girl who lived and loved full out before the world intervened and pushed me into a mold -- or worse…a box. The retreat weekend had me tap into my inner desires and begin treating my Self better - not just for the weekend, but beyond - in nearly every facet of my life.



I honestly am not sure how it happened. It wasn't as if we were intensely sorting through our issues or diving into personal transformation or something. What we did was PLAY, really. There was so much laughter, great food, yoga, meditation and best of all, other WOMEN who accepted me (and everyone else) for who I was!

Want to color? Go color! Want to read and reflect? Write? Sew? Glue? Talk? Not Talk?? No pressure, no have to’s, no should’s for 48 hours while we all playfully reconnect to who we really are!


This weekend is about real women, giving and sharing their life’s work and knowledge all while encouraging others! Love is not a competition!!! At the retreat, it flowed and was offered freely, moment by moment!


Prior to the retreat I stayed in my box. Now my creative side is alive and well at work! I took a leap and rearranged my life. I now have the job I want, a house I had only dreamed of and I have taken that LEAP and the STEPS to be a NURSE PRACTITIONER for a physician I greatly admire. Why?? Because being part of that weekend tapped me back into my heart’s desires.  The theme last year was "Surrender, Nurture Allow" and, once I started to truly LISTEN to what I need and want in my life, I have been able to do exactly that. 


So thank you, Robin, for seeing the potential in this TYPE A woman and NOT GIVING UP! ! 


Follow up story... When we arrived at the reTREAT, each of us was given a folder with info about the weekend + goodies. Each one included an affirmation statement in black & white with a background of imagery to color. I found it so ironic that the one in my folder was by far the most intricate and complex and in the center of it, it said "Don't Give Up"!!


Go figure. Of course this is the one that would be given to my TYPE A follow-through self! I worked on that thing all weekend and actually enjoyed it! I brought it home still in process and continued to take pleasure in slowly but surely bringing it to life. When I completed it, I sent a photo to my Retreat friends and they cheered me on. 


Several months later, I had a Cystic Fibrosis patient who was trying to make a very difficult decision about a double lung transplant. I framed that page and gave it to her as a gift. She loved it and it is now hanging in her home. 






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