Meet Jessica, Your Spiritual Path Finder

September 22, 2017

I can hardly WAIT for everyone to meet Jessica, who will be joining us for her 1st Creative Collaborative ReTREAT this fall!! 


I had the profound pleasure of meeting Jess this past December when I went to visit my mom down south for my birthday. Jess's work had helped my mom who has been grieving the passing of my father deeply. Mom gifted me a session with Jess as a birthday gift. That session was REMARKABLE and in the midst of the reading, I began explaining the work I do to coordinate the Creative Collaborative ReTREAT. Jess had a visible physical reaction and stated, "I think I'm supposed to be there." And so it shall be! 


Not only do we get to MEET her, she will also be sharing her work with us! Her practice is called

Jessica Mangum Your Spiritual Pathfinder


Jessica guides awakening, open-minded individuals through life changes and cycles, opening pages to a chapter of their book they had perhaps never known was there. She teaches meditation to adults and children, provides intuitive development mentoring and spiritual guidance/healing through intuitive readings.

Based out of Charlotte, NC, Jessica conducts readings and mentoring sessions by phone all over the country.  Jessica’s purpose is to be a bridge, connecting clients with their Higher Self and Inner Spirit so that they can re-discover, activate and strengthen their natural intuitive gifts.


Jess will facilitate a full group session for us on Saturday.... (Squeeeeee!!!! So excited for this!!) 


Discovering Your Soul's Purpose + Manifesting Your Path


This session includes but is not limited to...

* Clearing Mind Clutter

* Connecting to Source + Grounding to Earth (a meditation)

* A Pathway to True Vision (opening the 3rd eye)

* What do I LOVE? (an exercise)

* Manifestation - Tips & Tools


Often we listen to a voice that tells us who we are meant to be or what we are supposed to do so much that we forget our true Inner Voice. When we learn to listen to who we are at our core, we begin to feel peace, to know our truest self, to listen to our gut, to love ourselves. Ultimately, once we are in tune with our true selves, we are in tune with everything around us. Everything flows.


In this session, Jessica's primary objective is to bring us back to who we truly are through various meditation and visualization exercises - to open up opportunities we never thought were possible. We are all capable of receiving exactly what it is what we desire (for the benefit and betterment of ALL) so that we can more easily give back. Come "go with the flow" with Jess! 




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